Sony Betacam SP BCT-30MA


Sony Betacam SP Videotape : BCT-30MA
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Tape Size: Small Cassette
Model: BCT-30MA

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Product Description

Sony Betacam SP BCT-30MA
รหัส : BCT 30MA
รุ่น : BCT 30MA
ยี่ห้อ : Sony
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Tape Size: Small Cassette

• High strength binder gives Sony Betacam SP metal tape greater durability after repeated use – important for cart machines and repeated editing.
• Stringent quality control methods during manufacturing yield minimal dropouts.
• Dropouts are further reduced through an advanced binder layer and an anti-static lid that reduces performance sapping dust.
• Alumina-silica metal particle coating keeps retentivity and coercivity high after years of storage, maximizing archival life.
• Advanced lubricants extend head life of Beta SP equipment.
• Controlled surface roughness minimizes modulation noise for a higher C/N ratio (carrier to noise ratio).


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