Sony 124 Minute MPEG IMX Videotape: BCT-124MXL

• Used for High-density Recording
• 124 Minutes Recording Time
• Enhanced Binder System

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Product Description

The Sony BCT124MXL MPEG IMX Video Cassette, Large is a 0.5″ wide video cassette that is ideal for use in applications from electronic news gathering to cinematography. It will support high-density recording with impressive picture quality and longer recording times. The cassette has 124 minutes recording time in NTSC format and 148 minutes recording time in PAL/SECAM format. The cassette has a metal tape coating. The enhanced binder system improves particle adhesion by 30%.

• Fine metal particles achieving C/N 40dB with the shortest recording wave length at 0.56um.
• Affinity between the magnetic particles and the binder are improved 30% due to new magnetic particle treatment technology.
• Uniform dispersion of magnetic particles decrease powder debris and reduce risk of headclog.
• A decrease in powder debris and reduction of headclog risk are furthered by a strong construction of three dimensional cross-linked binders.


รหัส: BCT-124MXL
รุ่น: BCT-124MXL
ยี่ห้อ: Sony
Tape Size: Large Cassette
Model: BCT-124MXL
Format: MPEG IMX
Recording Time:
124 minutes (in NTSC)
148 minutes (in PAL/SECAM)
Magnetic Properties
– Intrinsic coercivity = 125 kA/m
– Retentivity = 245 mT
– Squareness = 0.85 Br/Bm
Physical Properties
– Thickness: Backcoating = 1.0 ?m
– Thickness: Base = 11 ?m
– Thickness: Magnetic layer = 2.0 ?m
– Thickness: Total = 14 ?m
Coating:     Metal tape
Packaging: Album (1)
Weight: 663g


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