HDCAM Tape : Sony BCT-94HDL


Sony 94 Minute HDCAM Videotape: BCT-94HDL

• For 1080 High Definition Recording
• 94 Minutes Recording Time in 60i Mode
• Advanced Metal Tape Technology
• Alumina-silica Tape Protective Layer

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Product Description

The Sony BCT-94HDL HDCAM Videocassette, Large incorporates advanced metal tape technology for use in an HDCAM format camcorder for 1080 high definition recordings. The development of this high performance metal tape enables high density recording with a wavelength of 0.49um. This tape has 94 minutes of recording time in 60i frame rate mode.

• Sony’s ultra fine metal particles and calendering technology realize high C/N of more than 45dB or more than enough range for HDCAM Digital High Definition Recording with a recording wavelength of  0.49um.
• Metal particles 50% smaller than Digital Betacam to ensure stable recording.
• Aluminum silica protective layer with an anti-oxidation effect achieves outstanding archival characteristics.
• Low-shrinkage tape also helps to accomplish outstanding archival characteristics.
• High reliability and the ability to withstand repeated playbacks and edits is realized through Sony’s binder design.
• Also called 94HD


รหัส: BCT-94HDL
รุ่น: BCT-94HDL
ยี่ห้อ: Sony
Tape Size: Large Cassette
Model: BCT-94HDL
Format: HDCAM
Recording Time:
94 minutes (in 60i)
117 minutes (in 24p)
Tape Length: 1827′ (557m)
Coating:     Alumina-silica tape protective layer
Packaging: Album (1)

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